We are a dynamic institute that provides high quality education to our students. We continue to invest in our staff, students and facilities as part of our goal to become one of India’s leading institutions. Our ethos is one of support, trust integrity and respect while valuing diversity. You can get to know us a little better by exploring our courses, policies and structures.


1. To promote and develop technical education and management studies.
2. To conduct research and provide premier technical and entrepreneurship development.
3. To coordinate and collaborate with other organizations in undertaking training, research and other activities to increase outreach of the institute.
4. To promote greater use of information technology in the activities/ functions of CAETM.
5. To comply with statutory responsibility.


1. Designing and organising training activities for different target group and undertaking research in the relevant technical and management studies
2. Improving the efficiency, effectiveness and delivery of the change agents and development practitioners i.e. trainers, lecturers, support organizations, etc for building the best possible career for each student


Leadership in Quality Technical Education, Interdisciplinary Research & Innovation, with a Focus on Sustainable and Inclusive Technology


• To deliver outocme based Quality education, emphasizing on experiential learning with the state of the art infrastructure.
• To create a conducive environment for interdisciplinary research and innovation.
• To develop professionals through holistic education focusing on individual growth, discipline, integrity, ethics and social sensitivity.
• To nurture industry-institution collaboration leading to competency enhancement and entrepreneurship.
• To focus on technologies that are sustainable and inclusive, benefiting all sections of the society.


Achieving Excellence in Technical Education, Research and Consulting through an Outcome Based Curriculum focusing on Continuous Improvement and Innovation by Benchmarking against the global Best Practices.
Who are we
Here you will find more about Central Academy for Engineering Technology and Management including: information about our organisational status and contact details

Our Priorities

You can view our Board of Governors’ decision-making processes and the following:
• Our corporate plan
• Committee details
• Equality compliance information
• Teaching and learning strategy

Our Services

Take a look at the services we offer including; the latest prospectus and course content, services for businesses, student support services and more.


Learn more about policies and procedures for delivering services and responsibilities including:
• Student Services’ regulations
• Equality, diversity and inclusion information
• Legal documents
• Policies including health and safety

Alumni and supporters

CAETM Alumni Association is for all graduates and former students who have studied at Central Academy for Engineering Technology and Maagement. We provide opportunities for you to stay in touch with everything you loved about us – offering both personal and professional benefits too.